Sheika Stein – Mobile Phone Cover

For all Zelda fans: My homemade mobile phone case is modelled on Link’s Sheikah Stone. How cool is that?


In the latest version of “Zelda”, the story has remained similar. The warrior Link must fulfil his destiny and save Princess Zelda. In the latest game, “Zelda-Breath of the Wilde”, Link wakes up in an open-world after sleeping for a hundred years and learns that Zelda is fighting evil alone on the front lines. But her strength is fading and calls out to Link. He has to relearn his abilities and find his way around in this new world. Zelda’s Sheikah Stone, which she has given him, helps him to do this. The stone works through ancient technology mixed with magic.


Using image templates from the game and a size sketch, as well as a phone case to fit my phone, I got started. I lined the whole thing with coloured modelling clay and kept adding the details. After everything had dried well, I went over it again with paint and added leather straps to the handle. The Sheikah stone is finished.

Unfortunately, the whole thing with a mobile phone is very heavy and not something you can just put in your pocket. The size of the mobile phone case is 15x8cm.

Nevertheless, I sometimes take the case with me, simply to look at the astonished looks of the people in the train when I start to talk on the phone with the thing.