Colored Grass – Graffiti

Graffiti is a tricky topic – is it art or is it dirt? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Cool or “can it go”? Everybody has its own opinion on this. For me, art from a spray can was my brother’s turf, who used to decorate old sky helmets. I thought about playing with graffiti for quite some time … And something turned out, actually. I only wanted to add some fire to a picture themed “Red”, so I played around a little to get acquainted with the spray can. The result is a rather spontaneous picture on canvas that fits the theme.

I really like the outcome as it is, but for the details, I’ll resorted to acrylic and my thin brush on both pictures.

What I found somewhat cumbersome was the fact that the outside temperature hit 30 °C/89 °F that day and I had to wear rubber gloves and a mask as well as long pants and a T-shirt.

Of course I could have chosen any old wall on a bike tour and started spraying, but no – I’m the civilized type and went off to a corner in our back yard. Frankly speaking, I don’t have the foggiest idea how my brother does it, but now I have not only nicely-colored canvases, but the grass is also quite colorful. Let’s hope the lawn mower removes it. The next time, I’ll put a sheet of plastic under the canvases.

At any rate, I’m hooked. And if you feel like experimenting with color a bit, then find an empty spot and get your spray cans ready. This is fun for any age, any gender, any art form. This is even for color newbies, you only need a bit of courage and curiosity to find the unknown.