The Lion King Challenge

Actually, this is not my thing. A canvas, my acrylics, a brush, that’s my playground. Or to sew a dress in-between. But sometimes, you need to try an escapade. Perhaps it’ll be successful.

The Lion King Challenge is a call for sewing quilts that cover the “The Lion King” theme, 20 by 20 inches.

By the way – what’s a quilt? Well if my mom wouldn’t be quilting professionally, I wouldn’t know either, most probably. First, you are sewing a top, i.e., a front made from fabric pieces that are combined to form patterns and blocks. Then you add a layer of batting and a backing fabric. Next, these three layers are sewn together using certain patterns and motifs. This will add a 3D effect and emphasize some patterns while making others disappear into the background. The sewing machine needle thus more or less replaces the pencil in the hand of the artist.

And so did my “Heritage” quilt come about. Simba stands on a rock, the other animals look up to him, the sun comes up in the background, a symbol for a new beginning and returning peace.

Hard to believe that my has been selected as one of 120 finalists (from a total of 304 participating quilts), together with the quilts of renowned artists.

Yesterday, I received the confirmation that my quilt has arrived in the U.S.A. It will be examined closely and judged. Next, it will go places in the U.S.A., it will see the Broadway, appear in numerous magazines and in a book about the challenge and so on …

And all of this from a really bloody beginner …