The Mad Hatter – Female Cosplay (Alice in Wonderland)

The Mad Hatter

A character from the well-known story “Alice in Wonderland”. Whether in the book, as an animated film, in a video game or with Johnny Depp in the role of the displaced character – the Hatter has fascinated many people – and as cosplay even more so!

A Female Hatter?

I, too, am inspired by the diversity and couldn’t help but create my own version of a Hatter. Because I want to pay more attention to realising my own ideas, I plan to dress a female hatter from the very beginning. Nevertheless, I am strongly orientating myself on the template of Tim Burton’s Hatter (Johnny Depp). Besides, I still had (who noticed?) the orange hair from my Goal left over from the last cosplay.

The Hatter as Cosplay

This project is the second cosplay after Rufus and Goal from Deponia. Since I couldn’t work continuously on this one either, it took me almost half a year to finish it. I thought the Mad Hatter would be much more challenging, but apart from some difficulties with the collar of the jacket, this didn’t cause me any major problems.